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Horseman's Benevolent Fund

The Pennsylvania Horse Shows Association Benevolent Horseman’s Fund was established In 2016 to provide financial
assistance to qualified horsemen and horse-related charities in need, located in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

Portions of the Benevolent Fund are donated to horsemen and horse farms left without income in the event of certain
occurrences such as death, disability, or other catastrophic events such as fire, flood, storm or horse illness’s which
leaves them unable or struggling to pay current expenses. In addition, the Benevolent Fund also aids horse charities in need of financial aid to maintain supplies for rescues and rehabilitation.

The PHSA committee encourages our members to inform us of anyone or any charities in need.  The board will gather and review legitimate suggestions and see
that the money is distributed fairly to those truly in need.

The PHSA strives to create a monetary reserve kept in order to help those in need but we need YOUR help!
Donate today to the PHSA Benevolent Horseman’s Fund and help us aid horsemen in need and generate goodwill toward others.

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